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There is always something to be fixed

So I guess the question is one have you really always wanted to know about the plumber? Now I’m sat here at my desk. And I think about all the dishwashers and the washing machines, the kitchen sinks, the bathtubs and showers. And I wonder the end of the day – ”Can I fix them or did they fix me?” It’s funny really when you think about it. When you’re sleeping at range are really going deep inside getting to know it and understand what the problem is with drainage. Perhaps as a limescale buildup in a pipe. Something is stuck in the pipes of the toilet. But there’s always a problem, there is always something to be fixed. And I wonder at night, you know, where all plumbing problems go.

Pipes under kitchen sink

The pipe almost burst

I started out this business as just a humble sink man. Hoping one day make my way to becoming a full-time local plumber. A reliable local plumber. But back then I had no idea that one day I could make it as big as the biggest plumber business in Bristol. I will never forget my first washing machine. The woman looked at me – you’re that plumber there, you could tell. They been suffering from a terrible limescale buildup way back then. You could tell the problem had only gotten worse since the kids came around.

A hard water, that meant that her pipes blocked up. Paper tissue got stuck in the waste pipe. And the pipe almost burst. And one day she find a massive puddle of water in the kitchen. She called, I picked up. And I was there in just 45 minutes. Under the kitchen sink, looking at the problem. She offered me a cup of tea but I said no. That was the day that I realised I could solve any problem remotely. A problem that is related to the plumbers near me. And really you’ll never be able to stop the limescale. That will cause your blocked sinks. You’ll never be understanding my way. Because I’m the local plumber near you. You need to call in order to call the cheap plumbers.

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